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5 Blogging Trends to Capitalize in 2024

Rajasi Media Apr 02, 2024 03:41 PM

5 Blogging Trends to Capitalize in 2024

5 Blogging Trends to Capitalize in 2024

5 Blogging Trends to Capitalize in 2024

Blogs can generate decent traffic to your website if done right as millions of people check out blogs that interest them on a daily basis. In short, blogs help to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and boost the probability of return. Furthermore, blogs result in a 434% increase in indexed pages and a 93% increase in indexed links. In other words, it will bring more inbound traffic and repeat customers to your business.

That said, there are 8.2 million blog posts uploaded per month around the globe. Therefore, it is only natural that one should keep track of blogging trends and new content marketing strategies. However, you can stay ahead of the game in this highly competitive field and take advantage of the finest blogging trends from across the web, which we have put together for you in this article.

Trend #1: Visual Content

Any list of blogging trends is incomplete without the mention of visual content. It is no surprise that visual content is considered to be the king of all content. The fact that 65% of this content can be recalled even three days later makes it even better. In other words, it is a nice boost for your blog due to more visibility and better brand recall. As blogs become longer and more detailed, design and interactivity become more significant. In addition, visual content can offer the readers an opportunity to browse a block of text without reading it over page by page.

According to studies, only 16 percent of online readers take in word-by-word content on the internet, the other 84 percent of readers are scanning, looking for quick and efficient pieces of information. If you want your readers to have engaging content that also pushes them to share it on other platforms, consider making your information easy to scan and remember  to do so by using visuals.

Adding images and videos to your content will break up heavy text and offer a new way for your audience to react to your content. Although it’s generally better to use original content in your blogs, stock imagery can still be used if your goal is to design an engaging blog. For example, consider adding an infographic, one of the hottest blogging trends this year, to your piece that will provide readers with an easier way to get through information than having to go through the entirety of your post.

Again, video content, also one of this year’s most popular blogging trends, allows readers to interact with your posts and provides them with more engaging content. Surveys have shown that people watch 2.5 hours of video content a day. By creating a video post, you can increase the amount of time users spend on your pages.

Blogging Trend #2: Affiliate Marketing

Another big thing in today’s blogging trends is to start implementing affiliate marketing links in your blog content. Affiliate marketing allows you to create an ongoing sales funnel outside your site. For example, if you have a B2C business, you could pay a blogger to write a review post about your product. From there, you would then offer their followers a discount if they purchase it from that post. That way, you can increase your sales reach and introduce yourself to a new audience. It’s no wonder affiliate marketing is one of the hottest blogging trends of the year.

Blogging Trend #3: Critical Readers

One of the more relevant blogging trends today is the inclusion of critical readers in your audience pool because public perception of online content is changing. With terms like “fake news” and increased competition for content, readers are less willing to trust content that isn’t reputable. Today’s reader needs reassurance that your content is accurate and fair. They expect citations, sources, and statistics to back up your claims.

Likewise, you need to keep in mind the scope of content that’s readily available online. Every year, more people and more brands enter the blogging scene. To stay competitive and harness your SEO, you need to write content that is verified and well-sourced. You need to write honest, logical, and high-quality content that is also supported by reliable sources and consistent citations. Even though it may be tempting, you always should stay away from making claims you can’t support. In fact, poor sources may let you down regarding page authority and even SEO.

Blogging Trend #4 – Mobile-First Formatting

Usually, blogging trends come and go, but mobile-first formatting is not the case. You must ensure that all your online content, including blogs and similar articles, is mobile-friendly. Nowadays, we all read from our phones. Whether it is a swipe-up post from our favourite Instagram influencer or a news piece in our Facebook feed, most of the consumers will do it from their phones. This means that when a user clicks on your article, he will expect it to be displayed clearly and correctly. If you don’t offer mobile optimization, readers may simply go away because nobody likes to view pixelated images or read half of the big screen’s article.

Blogging Trend #5: Estimated Reading Time

Another common theme in modern blogging trends is the estimated reading times. Estimated reading time can open up your user expectations. If you have a blog that you know takes 15 minutes to read, but only ten minutes before your next appointment, you might leave that blog to read later. Similarly, if a blog can be read in 2 minutes, you might be in a hurry, and be excited that you can read the article at that time. Moreover, search engines consider estimated reading times when ranking your sites. The longer your users stay on your site, the more chances you to look more authoritative in the eyes of search engines.

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