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A new trend in content marketing: Short-form videos and user-generated content

Rajasi Media Mar 07, 2024 01:39 AM

A new trend in content marketing: Short-form videos and user-generated content

A new trend in content marketing: Short-form videos and user-generated content

This has emerged as a crucial marketing strategy in 2024, demanding strategic investments and robust planning for businesses and brands

Too many new advancements and tech trends have surfaced on the net, especially in the past few years and specifically during and after the pandemic. The necessity to stay and work at home during those crucial years has brought about a positive change across business industries around the globe. Since then, the digital wave has only seen an upward growth trend, introducing new trends and AI-driven tools for brands, people, and businesses to optimize.

Among various trends in content marketing, short-form videos and user-generated content have been on top of content generation trends. It is also said to stay on top in 2024 and for the years to come, thanks to its quick form of engaging, creative, and attention-grabbing content.

  • Authenticity sells

Ultimately, authenticity is all that matters, and it is what sells. Hence, user-generated content is critical to customer trust, higher customer engagement, and relatability. However, it is also crucial to understand that short-form content needs careful planning, strategic alignment, and resources.

A recent report suggested that video content has become more prevalent on social media and ad platforms and is also a vital form of marketing for most businesses and brands worldwide.

  • Higher preference for bite-sized videos

Recent data indicates that viewers prefer short-form videos over long-form content. Videos 15 seconds or less have seen more engagement than longer-length videos. This has gained advertisers’ attention, and the revenue is predicted to surpass $10 billion.

  • User-generated content influencing consumer purchasing choices

Also called UGC in marketing, content that is created by users and published on online platforms has seen an insane demand in the recent past. It has been influencing consumer purchasing choices, resulting in ad companies reevaluating their content strategies.

  • Increased use of sub-titles in videos

Not just short-form videos catching everyone’s attention; what has engaged audiences is the use of sub-titles in a video that often grab eyeballs even when the video is on mute. Captioning has become a trend, which has increased viewer engagement.

This feature is also suited well to those who are hearing impaired and the ones who prefer to watch videos without audio.

Short-form videos also have challenges like pre-production, script writing, and filming and editing, which are time-consuming. However, informative, engaging, and entertaining content always strikes a chord with audiences.

In summary, there is a growing dominance of short-form video content, and creators need top content writing companies like Rajasi Media to fulfill their content demands. Great platform choices with industry-specific content always win.

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