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Best practices for working with an outsourced content writing team

Rajasi Media Mar 07, 2024 01:10 AM

Best practices for working with an outsourced content writing team

Best practices for working with an outsourced content writing team

Working with an outsourcing content writing team can become an easy-peasy process when companies adopt a few best practices

Creating great content is a challenging task, especially when doing it daily. So, what do companies and brands do in such situations? The most common and reliable option is outsourcing content writing services. Creating excellent content is an art that only some are great at. Hence, companies and clients need to trust top content writing agencies in India like Rajasi Media to resolve their content generation challenge and help them reach the top of search engine results.

Anything that easily attracts a customer’s attention is excellent content. Hence, several companies now rely on content writing agencies for content generation and PR link building. Clients must find reliable and trusted content writing agencies and partners to succeed in content outsourcing.

Below are a few of the best practices companies can adopt to outsource content writing services successfully.

  • Provide a brief

Even the most experienced writers cannot read clients’ minds. They can read their data and knowledge documents but may not understand the vision of a company or brand. Thus, companies must provide them with a content brief if they wish to have high-quality content surfacing on the internet.

Content briefs may include varied things like the topic of the article/blog, target audience, tone of voice, what they wish to convey to their audience, their USPs, keywords, links to relevant docs, call to action, and the like. Content writing agencies often also provide a questionnaire laying out essential questions to be filled in for their writers to craft compelling copies.

  • Be clear in communication

Decide on a proper communication channel like emails with partnered writers and content writing agencies. This helps in resolving bottlenecks that arise in the way of creating great content.

Always stay clear about what your company needs the content writers to convey through their content, and if need be, also be ready to rephrase, change, or edit necessary information.

  • Provide feedback

Creating content, especially for specific topics or subject/niche-related topics, often requires back and forth. Companies need to provide detailed feedback to writers on the subject, what they can change or improve, and add to the content to stay in sync with the industry’s changing trends and times. They can review drafts and share what they like or prefer to change. They can share preferences, tone of voice, and content that readily aligns with the company’s visions.

  • Conservative deadlines

Try to have conservative deadlines when working with freelance content writers. For example, to publish content on Black Friday, be clear with the requirements and start planning for that content a few days or weeks prior.

Content writing agencies are more likely to meet deadlines as they have an expert team of writers well versed in managing deadlines and doing work on or much before time.


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