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Can AI superpower SEO? Read on to learn more

Rajasi Media Mar 07, 2024 01:21 AM

Can AI superpower SEO? Read on to learn more

Can AI superpower SEO? Read on to learn more

While AI has brought positive shifts across industries, over-dependence can lead to incompetence, especially in the content generation world

The last few years have seen some of the biggest and the most significant changes across industries worldwide. The digital wave roped in many new and promising digitally-driven companies and brands across sectors, while social media brought people together globally. Around two years ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) took over most industries in ways more than one. But did it help the content creation niche?

Top content writing agencies like Rajasi Media have always believed in brainstorming newer ideas for content creation. However, when tools like ChatGPT enter the picture, the line between original and AI-generated content becomes blurred. Though introducing AI tools can be considered a boon, several experienced content writers notice that over-dependence or not staying authentic to one’s work can lead to incompetence.

  • Significant shifts in the SEO industry

It is imperative to notice how generative AI has brought about significant shifts in the SEO world, where some have experienced success integrating SEO into their daily workflow. In contrast, others haven’t yet experienced success. There are a few tasks that AI can do, like titles and Meta descriptions, but its utility can be questionable when it comes to other aspects of SEO.

Since SEO is subjective, it is challenging to trust the people behind generative AI to develop content-rich, keyword-based, well-researched articles and blogs. SERP analysis can also go south if the person generating the content through AI lacks the right knowledge.

  • A trailblazing tool that cannot be relied on completely

One of the most groundbreaking discoveries has been AI, an incredible advancement in the tech world. Many AI tools for generating content and content optimization provide detailed insights and generate compelling articles. But knowing how to use the tool is also crucial.

No amateur writer can become an experienced professional overnight with just a few prompts. Writers create excellent content from their years of writing and industry experience and honing their craft. Human intuition is complemented by technology, but it can never replace it.

  • Superpowers SEO

AI is only a tool that can help amplify a writer’s vision and words. An AI tool can scan for the right keywords and Meta tags from a content piece, but an experienced SEO writer will go beyond that, understanding what questions the content piece answers. AI superpowers SEO, but writers’ fundamental skills and talent are irreplaceable.

  • Overwhelming AI experience

Today’s market overflows with several generative AI tools, often overwhelming beginner-level SEO writers. However, it can empower experienced SEO professionals who know how to optimize the tool to make more compelling content.

Generative AI can streamline SEO and content writing processes. Still, it also has shortcomings if non-writers or upcoming writers rely only on these tools for generating content. Experienced content writers can optimize the tool to enhance their work, while beginners might not experience the full potential.


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