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Google March Updates to watch out for

Rajasi Media Mar 22, 2024 01:07 AM

Google March Updates to watch out for

Google March Updates to watch out for

A few essential points that one must understand to keep afloat at the top of search engine rankings

Google can be called a world of its own, and with the many changes it brings now and then, it is interesting to see what website owners and SEO writers do to keep at the top of the search engine ranking pages on the world’s top search engine.

The March 2024 Google updates have caught everyone’s attention and can also prove to be a game-changer for people, brands, and businesses with an online presence and visibility. The recent Google updates showed how several algorithm changes have impacted many sites, getting deindexed on Google searches.

Bringing about an impactful shift in the world of SEO

Google Updates in March 2024 have been bringing about an impactful shift in the world of SEO. One major update is about sweeping off the web several websites that did not stand strong on Google’s guidelines of being at the top of search rankings. Top content writing agencies like Rajasi Media ensure to keep these updates in mind while crafting valuable and original content-driven articles and blogs. Hence, brands must always look out for such companies for an elevated presence on search engine results.

A few things that website owners, SEO writers, and marketers must know about Google March 2024 updates

  • Deindexing websites: Google has been deindexing websites, causing many to lose their presence in the search results. This was a horrifying incident for many, as they did not provide helpful, relevant, or original content.
  • Older websites are also on the radar: Google updates and the many consequential repercussions they offer are equal for all. This means that the Google March 2024 updates have affected even the older websites that survived the previous updates but failed to continue following Google’s guidelines.
  • Outdated sites not spared: Websites lying on the web for months and years without offering trustworthy content or updated information are not spared either.
  • Effect on AI small content sites: Websites driven by AI content have come under scrutiny, and Google’s ability to detect such content has penalized and deindexed them from search results.

Google March 2024 takeaways that every marketer, writer, and website owner must remember are that quality content always wins over quantity. Strengthening E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) by citing reputable sources and also showcasing author expertise on the site for that particular niche is thus essential.

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