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Implications of Google core updates 2024 on website owners

Rajasi Media Mar 22, 2024 01:15 AM

Implications of Google core updates 2024 on website owners

Implications of Google core updates 2024 on website owners

What are the best practices for maintaining robust search rankings after the rollout of these recent updates?

One thing that has attained maximum attention and made more headlines in recent times is the Google core updates of March 2024. Every marketer, website owner, writer, and other specialist has their eyes on the rollout of these updates, which mostly talk about deindexing hundreds of websites that are low on quality content and provide no proper insights or knowledge to readers.

The team at Rajasi Media, which has grown as a top content writing company in India in the past few years, explains that Google's core updates of March 2024 are aimed at improving the quality of search results by reducing no-value driven and AI-generated content, targeting spammy content on the internet.

The recent Google update includes several enhancements to the core ranking systems, which may impact several websites and web pages and deindex them from search results. The early stages of the update have already deindexed over 800 websites that only have spammy content in store for people.

Hence, it is essential to understand the implications of the updates for website owners.

Google's March 2024 core updates impacted several websites that offered people only AI-generated content. This led to the deindexing of many websites, which decreased their organic search traffic and ad revenues.

Thus, website owners must improve their search engine rankings by reassessing their content quality and ensuring that it meets Google's standards for value and originality. Most importantly, they should focus more on creating original, information-based content to avoid being flagged.

In addition, they need to adjust their content strategies to stay in sync with the new guidelines and alleviate ad revenue or search traffic losses.

Website owners must follow a few best practices to maintain robust search engine rankings.

After the impact of Google core updates 2024, website owners must follow a few best practices to maintain and improve search rankings, such as creating original content and providing value to readers. They must also review and optimize on-page elements like descriptions, Meta titles, user experience, and accessibility time and again to align with the best practices.

It is also essential for them to build a diverse backlink profile by earning links from reputed sources within their niche and continuously monitoring changes in search algorithms, aligning with the updated best practices.

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