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The impact of Google core updates March 2024

Rajasi Media Mar 22, 2024 01:13 AM

The impact of Google core updates March 2024

The impact of Google core updates March 2024

It is noticed how hundreds of websites and web pages have been deindexed, and AI-generated content has come under scrutiny

Google and the several updates it rolls out have remained the talk of the town in the digital world. Many website owners and entrepreneurs have had to face the brunt of putting up low-quality content on their websites as Google removed them from search results.

Google’s core updates in March 2024 targeted low-quality content-driven websites and everything that seemed spam to readers. A recent analysis also revealed that over 800 websites had been deindexed from Google’s search results while in the early stages of the update. Many brands and businesses are already turning to top content writing agencies like Rajasi Media to create compelling, practical, informational, and original content.

Prominent SEO experts have been tracking the indexing status of over 49K websites and the associated manual actions against spam from AI-generated content. Out of these, 837 websites have already been removed entirely from Google’s search index. However, they also noticed that a few deindexed websites reappeared, indicating that it is still early to make conclusions regarding Google core updates.

AI-generated content under scrutiny

A recent study conducted by a popular platform called originality.ai found a higher prevalence of AI-generated spam among the deindexed sites. The study showed that 100% of the affected sites had AI-generated content, with 50% of these sites having 90-100% AI-generated posts.

AI-generated content only manipulates search rankings, and Google core updates are driven to deindex such websites.

A revolution in search results

The massive impact Google core updates of March 2024 have had on the search landscape has been quite evident. This has resulted in the widespread deindexing of websites that repeatedly manipulate SEO practices and search results. Google is now determined to take decisive action to address the growing issues of AI-driven spam content.

New strategies marketers need for the increasing deindexing of websites

Marketers must adapt their strategies in response to the crackdowns on AI-generated content spread widely across sites on search engines. They need to consistently audit their existing content to identify AI-generated content that Google will consider low-quality.

They must focus on creating high-quality and valuable content that informs and educates readers while keeping up with the changing algorithms and best SEO trends and practices. Ultimately, they also need to prioritize creativity, newness in writing, thorough research, and professional editing to maintain compliance with search engine guidelines.

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