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Top 10 Online Reputation Strategies that Work

Rajasi Media Apr 02, 2024 12:42 AM

Top 10 Online Reputation Strategies that Work

Top 10 Online Reputation Strategies that Work

Building an enterprise reputation in this digital age has taken on a new perspective at this point. It is no longer about trying to please customers - the activity goes to the online scene and whether you get new clients or lose them permanently. It only takes one unhappy customer to go onto Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit and advise people that your business is no good for them. Hiring a online reputation management company to increase positive credit in the quickest way out.

What is an Online Reputation Management Strategy?

An ORM strategy will help you garner more trust from your customers and stay ahead of the game. That can only be the case when you try to solve customer complaints quickly. All that a customer would have to do is go online and tell other people all about your business. This is why having a brand communication plan is so important. Thanks to solid ORM strategies, you can control and manage any negative reviews long before they hamper your reputation.

An ORM strategy is an organizational plan designed to monitor, control and improve how users rate your company or brand online. A global approach managing and enhancing one’s brand reputation is to ensure a socially adequate image of it that meets your business objectives. Here are 10 ORM strategies that can enhance your brand’s image in a positive way:

  1. Trigger a brand audit: Take into account everything you have about your brand or your company on the Web which includes your website, blogs, social media, third-party business profiles, etc. Evaluate a Google search and check whether there any unwanted or irrelevant results of your search.
  2. Take advantage of actively monitoring awareness of your brand on the Web: Social media mentions, blog post email threads, forum discussions, videos, etc.
  3. Respond to customers grievances: Answer all the reviews — good and bad, ask for a bad experience, and always offer practical support.
  4. Optimize SEO: This plays a decisive role in terms of driving your company’s profile to the top of Google results following a brand and research request. Moreover, SEO can prevent the loss of negative implications in search engines about your company.
  5. Spruce up your PR game: Guest blogging for reputable sites, sharing interviews with industry influencers, creating branded events, going live to engage with your audience and answer questions, partnering with a brand you can vouch for, and publicly addressing any major blunders on your company’s part all count towards this goal.
  6. Generate reviews from your past clients: This is the most straightforward ORM strategy. If you have thousands of customers but a handful of online testimonials proving how awesome your services are, you’re missing out on plenty of conversions. Attach a review to an e mail blast and send it your whole mailing list, or collect formal feedback.
  7. Promote any piece of content that showcases your brand in a good light: Be it an official testimonial and reviews page on your site, third-party sites that showcase you in the best possible light, positive customer inquiries on social media, influencer collaborations, or articles you’re cited in.
  8. Solicit product reviews and image uploads from customers who have bought from you recently: A whopping 77% of customers say customer images weigh positively into their buying decision, as they perceive them as unprocessed social proof.
  9. Blogging is a win-win strategy for ORM purposes: It’s an invaluable tool when it comes to displaying your knowledge of the industry.
  10. Invest in social media listening and monitoring tools: This helps you to keep tabs on any brand mentions, tagged pages, or name-drops. These handy tools alert you to any activity, allowing you to effectively manage your online reputation.

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