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Understanding Google March 2024 core updates

Rajasi Media Mar 22, 2024 01:09 AM

Understanding Google March 2024 core updates

Understanding Google March 2024 core updates

The recent Google updates have been about getting rid of spam sites and creating more original content, keeping the focus on SEO strategies

One thing that has made more noise lately for marketers all over the world is the March 2024 Google core updates. Rajasi Media and other renowned content writing agencies have always focused on creating original content. And, with the recent Google updates, they can’t emphasize enough the importance of others to focus on creating SEO-based and original content for their websites.

The Google core update is a tool that helps improve online searches. Its core intent is to select the most helpful and fresh content and place it at the top of search results when people search for something. But the catch is—if your website has nothing new to offer or has only AI-generated content, chances are your website will get deindexed, or Google may not show your website on SERPs.

So, what is the Google core update for March 2024?

This has risen beyond being just a typical algorithm adjustment. It consists of a core update and a spam update, which targets varied aspects of search and SEO practices. The core Google update is all about improving the overall quality and relevance of search results. However, it has also been noticed that the core updates have been taking a little longer to rule out because of their complexity and extensive processing.

What about the spam update?

The spam update showcases Google’s seriousness about swiping off the internet, spammy content, and shady websites. A few websites have misleading content and clickbait and also misuse expired domains, again emphasizing the need to put on top a few websites that are high on original content and relevance. The spam update will address several critical issues for enhancing search result quality.

Are there any significant changes from the core update?

Yes, the core update caused a few significant changes, one of which was the focus on content quality assessment. Google doesn’t like content with no value attached to it. The update, thus, is for discerning whether a web page genuinely offers valuable content and information, refining the Google ranking system.

What could be predicted about the massive impact on search results?

Experts anticipate that these core updates by Google will see a noticeable decrease in the presence and visibility of low-quality and only AI-generated content and web pages on search results.

This, in turn, paves the way for greater visibility for websites and pages that are driven by high-quality, valuable, and relevant content.

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